Meet Robert Phillips
Lab Assistant III,
Pre-Analytical Operations, Denton, TX

By Published On: December 1, 2023

Meet Robert Phillips, Lab Assistant III in Pre-Analytical Operations (pre-AOPs) in our Denton, TX lab.

Robert has been with HealthTrackRx for 3 years in December. He started in pre-AOPs at the peak of the COVID pandemic.

A typical day for Robert in the pre-AOPs department starts with sample intake – collecting buckets of samples and logging them. Matching the patient sample information and physician test orders according to requisitions is important, ensuring that two patient identifiers are present. This ensures the sample can be processed quickly and accurately and the results are delivered correctly. If a sample is missing or has incorrect information, Robert works with the account rep to correct it before processing. He says he and his team are on the front lines for the testing process to ensure that the samples can be tested and deliver accurate results.

Robert jokes that his team could “win a Superbowl.” He says they have been working together for a while, and all help each other, ensuring no one falls behind. When he saw the job ad on Indeed and applied, he thought it would be a small lab and was surprised when he arrived at a much larger operation than anticipated. He said it was amazing to see how much the team was doing daily, and he truly feels he is making a difference here. What started as just a job has become several potential career pathways in the medical field.

Getting People Healthier Faster, providing peace of mind when they are ill, and helping them find treatment quickly make Robert most proud to work at HealthTrackRx. He was among the first employees to win a REAL award for demonstrating one of our core values – to be Extraordinary. He is also about to reach a milestone of 80,000 samples accessioned – 80,000 patients he has helped get answers to quickly.

Having experienced foster care when he was younger, Robert is passionate about helping foster children and would like to one day start a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping them. He says he doesn’t want other children to endure what he did. In those formative years in foster care, Robert vowed he would grow up to help people, which is why he loves his job so much today.

Robert likes to go to the movies when he isn’t working. He says the movies always helped him escape as a kid. His passions also include photography and writing philosophy. One such philosophical phrase that Robert has written is, “You messed up the love that messed up you.” Robert also likes to write horror films and hopes one of his cosmic horrors may appear on the big screen.

Thank you, Robert, for your hard work and dedication to Getting People Healthier Faster.

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