Meet Lea Summers
Recruiter – Clarksville, IN – SDF

By Published On: July 1, 2024

Recently joining our Louisville office, Lea Summers shines brightly as a recent addition to our team, infusing enthusiasm and dedication into her role as an SDF Recruiter. Despite her relatively short HeathTrackRx tenure of a few months, Lea has already made a significant impact at SDF lab.

Lea’s journey began with HealthTrackRx after spending 12 years at a major hospital system in the area, where she cultivated her expertise in recruiting and talent acquisition. Joining us as our Louisville recruiter, Lea wasted no time diving into her responsibilities, leveraging her wealth of experience to identify candidates who share our company’s mission and values.

Teaming up closely with the SDF lab leadership and her recruiting colleagues, Lea’s typical day revolves around scouting for the perfect candidates who possess a real passion for making a difference in healthcare. From coordinating candidate screenings to interviews and engaging with HR professionals, Lea plays a pivotal role in identifying and attracting top-tier talent to join the team.

Lea was drawn to HealthTrackRx by the opportunity to have a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry. She values the supportive and dynamic work environment that fosters learning and growth, allowing her to expand her skills and knowledge in HR processes and recruitment. Reflecting on her short yet impactful time at HealthTrackRx, Lea takes pride in her role in supporting our mission and the positive impact we have on patients’ lives. Her ability to adapt to new systems and processes, such as the ADP’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System), underscores her commitment to personal and professional development.

Inspired by influential leaders like Cynt Marshall, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks, and previous mentors, Lea draws strength from their stories of resilience and success. Overcoming challenges such as learning to accept rejection when recruiting and navigating the differentiating needs of hiring managers, Lea has emerged stronger and more resilient in her career journey.

Outside of work, Lea enjoys spending time hiking, reading, and bonding with her dog, Pixie. Most people wouldn’t know that Lea dove into a year-long adventure in Germany at the age of 19, where she worked at a hotel on Ramstein Air Base during Desert Storm, showcasing her adventurous spirit and diverse life experiences.

As we celebrate Lea Summers’ early contributions to HealthTrackRx, we eagerly anticipate her continued growth and impact on our organization. Join us in welcoming Lea and celebrating her unique journey and talents!

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