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Our sales team is located throughout the United States. They are ready and available to help you begin sending samples to our laboratory for accurate, actionable results returned within 24 hours of sample receipt.

5 key benefits of partnering with


HealthTrackRx Sales Representative

Turnaround time

We provide exceptional results delivery time, returning results within 24 hours of sample receipt

HealthTrackRx Sales Representative


Our best-in-class PCR tests deliver ~ 99% accuracy in both sensitivity and specificity for samples

HealthTrackRx Sales Representative


Our technology easily integrates with EMR systems and we deliver results via our Client Web Portal

HealthTrackRx Sales Representative


We combat antibiotic resistance effectively, identifying pathogens that are difficult to culture

HealthTrackRx Sales Representative


We offer SimpliSWABTM, a universal tube containing a proprietary collection medium for ALL sample types

If you are interested in getting started with HealthTrackRx PCR testing, or if you would like to be contacted by a HealthTrackRx Sales Representative, please complete the form below.

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