For Payors

HealthTrackRx physician-developed syndromic testing menus and clinically actionable next-morning results help providers prescribe the right treatment the first time. The speed and accuracy of HealthTrackRx PCR testing supports antibiotic stewardship protocols and helps payors and health plans manage spending by eliminating unnecessary tests, misdiagnoses, and ineffective antibiotic treatment.

Payors Reduce Costs and Improve
Patient Outcomes

Common infections can have serious consequences if misdiagnosed, wrongly prescribed, or untreated. HealthTrackRx laboratory services save hundreds of Payors time and money while delivering better patient outcomes. We’ve become the PCR testing lab of choice because our solutions align with the business and patient care priorities.

With HealthTrackRx RT-PCR testing, providers receive clinically actionable next-morning results, eliminating the need to prescribe empirically and leading to fewer outpatient emergency visits and lower inpatient admissions rates. National in-network payor coverage and patient-friendly billing policies assist in lowering testing costs and improving affordability.

Benefits for Payors

  • Offer targeted tests that are consistent with clinical utility data and value-based payor medical coverage policies

  • Reduce overall healthcare spending and the economic burden of infectious disease through Medical Management and Early Diagnosis

  • Provide evidence of the diagnostic, clinical, and economic value of testing

  • Identify at-risk populations

Benefits for Patients

  • Provide rapid, reliable, and cost-effective PCR tests that fit within payor coverage policies

  • More Accurate & Better Diagnosis
  • Patient-focused Care Delivery

  • Support in Medical Management & Targeted Treatment Plans
  • Improved Health Outcomes

Managed Care Coverage

HealthTrackRx contracts with Medicare, Medicaid and most Commercial Payers for infectious disease testing. Hundreds of national and regional health plans already see the value in HealthTrackRx’s PCR-based testing.

Antimicrobial Resistance and HealthTrackRx

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