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HealthTrackRx sets the pace for industry-leading infectious disease laboratory operations through unparalleled turnaround time, yielding insights that mobilize accurate clinical decisions.


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Nationwide, Next-Day by Noon PCR Results for Everyday Infections

Swab Today, Results Tomorrow! Our new Louisville Metro Area lab uses the latest PCR technology combined with UPS’s reliable healthcare logistics solutions to accelerate answers to patients.

Know the Top Respiratory Infections This Week

We’re making it easy to know if your patient has one of the top respiratory infections impacting the nation. Check out HealthTrackRx’s top-reported respiratory infections, updated weekly.


% of COVID-19 Positive Test Results

Data reflects the number of positive COVID-19 tests received on a monthly basis. We provide this insight to help providers make timely, informed treatment decisions.

Antimicrobial Resistance

Rising Healthcare Costs

The cost of Antimicrobial Resistant infections annually has been estimated at $21-34 billion in the US healthcare system alone, which includes more than 8 million additional days in the hospital2. It is estimated that by 2050, AMR may lead to $100 trillion in world GDP loss3. HealthTrackRx is addressing this public health crisis head on through developing advancements in PCR technology and implementing innovative solutions for our clients, that help you treat patients fast, with accuracy.

  • Number of visits to physician offices with infectious and parasitic diseases as the primary diagnosis: 15.5 million

  • Number of emergency department visits with infectious and parasitic diseases as the primary diagnosis: 3.4 million4

  • Cost of drug resistant infections to the U.S. healthcare system annually: $21-$34 billion

PCR-based Infectious Disease Laboratory

Advanced Molecular

Diagnostic Solutions

HealthTrackRx is an industry leading infectious disease laboratory providing accurate, targeted molecular diagnostics. With over 4,000,000 samples processed and a turn around time within 24 hours of sample receipt, our technological advances in PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) testing reshape patient care by mobilizing faster clinical decisions and helping providers treat patients quickly and accurately. To curtail the cost of treating resistant infections repeatedly, HealthTrackRx provides a personalized, proprietary Antibiogram, which provides antibiotic resistance gene detection and lists potential antibiotic efficacy.

Accuracy Matters

PCR vs. Culture

When an accurate diagnosis matters, speed of pathogen identification and clinical actionability are key. HealthTrackRx PCR testing identifies what culture misses, particularly fastidious organisms – the pathogens that are especially difficult, if not impossible, to culture.

PCR-based Infectious Disease Laboratory
HealthTrackRx PCR Traditional Culture
Turnaround Time Next-Day Results* Results can take an average of 3-14 days
Accuracy ~ 99% Sensitivity and Specificity, for all present pathogens, including co-infections Typically only detects the primary pathogen
Detection Rapid detection of fastidious organisms such as fungi, anaerobes and resistance genes Extended incubation time for fungi and anaerobes. Potential for “mixed flora” and no specificity of pathogens
Antibiotics Less susceptible to antibiotic use IS affected by antibiotic use

*From completed requisition and sample receipt

Diagnostic Innovation

Syndromic Menus

Benefits of HealthTrackRx PCR

PCR is able to detect bacteria in a higher percentage of patients that are symptomatic compared to urine culture. In addition, PCR can detect more polymicrobial infections compared to urine culture. Culture-based testing alone can miss up to 67% of UTI infections. With the rise in antimicrobial resistance, PCR testing can identify resistance genes within 24 hours, such as the resistant gene NDM-1 in E. coli and Klebsiella, leading to early effective treatment.

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Our Solutions

PCR-based Infectious Disease Laboratory

We specialize in rapid results reporting of within 24 hours of sample receipt.

PCR-based Infectious Disease Laboratory

Our team coordinates sample shipping logistics via local courier, UPS or FedEx.

PCR-based Infectious Disease Laboratory

SimpliSWABTM is our proprietary collection medium that is not affected by temperature.

Right Partnerships

Client Feedback

I really appreciate the rapid turnaround of HealthTrackRx PCR. Traditionally, if we have an abscess and I’m concerned it’s infected, I know it’s going to be three or more days before I get my answer back from a traditional culture sensitivity. I can’t leave the patient unprotected that long. So, I start a prescription of broad-spectrum antibiotic that generally works but that’s not the best medicine because that broad spectrum antibiotic is killing a lot of friendly and helpful bacteria that we don’t want to kill. By having the fast turnaround of PCR sensitivity, I can use narrow spectrum antibiotics to be more focused in my diagnosis. I can wait a day before starting selecting a pill because I know the next day I’m going to have the right answers, and not create another problem with my antibiotic choices.

Dr. Charles Gobert

Medical Skin Associates & Spa

What I like about PCR is that we get all the bacterial testing, the fungal testing, and the viral testing all at once so we can really narrow down a problem. We can choose from those three different categories and treat the patient appropriately in a timely manner, which is fantastic. It also helps diagnose the infection, receive definitive test results and answer questions for us immediately.

Karolyn Mau, RN, APRN, FNP-C

We cannot say enough good about our experience with HealthTrackRx. The Reps we’ve worked with have gone above and beyond to help us with questions, supplies, training, and problem solving. In addition, we are very happy with the extensive array of tests at affordable prices. We will continue to recommend HealthTrackRx without reservation.

Diann Nelson, FNP-C, Clinic Owner

Affordable Care Health Clinic | Gahanna, Ohio

I love working with HealthTrackRx to provide the most technologically advanced testing for my patients. The customer service is unmatched, and I can always count on quick turnaround times.

Jordyn Mandle, MSN, FNP-C

Hyde Park CareFirst Urgent Care | Cincinnati, Ohio

HealthTrackRx’s advanced lab technology with PCR testing allows us to provide better care for our patient population unlike any laboratory in the area. HealthTrackRx resources and accessibility of regional leaders empowers our staff to feel confident in the testing we are providing our patients.

Ashley Simpson, MSN, FNP-C, Clinical Provider Lead

West Chester CareFirst CareFirst Urgent Care | Cincinnati, Ohio

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