Meet Jessica Eastman
Technical Lab Supervisor

By Published On: June 22, 2023

Jessica started as a temporary contractor, originally brought on in 2020 as an Accessioner in Pre-Analytical Operations. Three months later, she transitioned to a full-time role as a Lab Scientist. When she completed her master’s degree in biological sciences in December 2021, she became a Certifying Laboratory Scientist. Jessica was recently promoted to Technical Lab Supervisor in February 2023.

As a supervisor, Jessica has a working knowledge of all three of our labs, including the turnaround time required and what priority to give to each site. She ensures that we meet all regulatory requirements and is working towards standardizing our procedures. Jessica believes sharing information and transferring knowledge is essential, and she wants to be sure all teams feel comfortable communicating.

When we recruited Jessica, she was working directly with patients at Medical City in Plano, Texas. She took a temporary position at HealthTrackRx because she liked the team and the technical aspects of the lab. Since transitioning to full-time, she appreciates that her new career path is still about serving patients and caregivers, although in a different way.

“I love that what was supposed to be a temporary position became my career path”

Before she joined our team, Jessica was conducting PCR research for her master’s degree. Even though she had some background in PCR, she had no idea it was going to be as fulfilling as it has been. She says that HealthTrackRx is very dependent on teamwork and cross-training—an all-hands-on-deck, jump-in-where-necessary approach. “I love that what was supposed to be a temporary position became my career path,” she says.

Jessica says she has received a lot of support from our leadership team and believes in the power of continuous learning. “If you have questions, you can always get an answer,” she says. Our company’s growth has also created a lot of opportunities, allowing her to visit the new lab located in the Louisville Metro area to do instrument validations.

Jessica also says if it weren’t for the support she has received from managers and peers, she never would have sought out a leadership position. “It feels really nice to have that support,” she says. Jessica is most proud of the fact that she has earned enough trust to be promoted into a leadership role.

“If you have questions, you can always get an answer”

Jessica has always loved science and the scientific process. “The fact that if you want an answer, you can follow a process and find it,” she says. She enjoys the exactness of science and that you can use it to help people daily. Even though she isn’t patient-facing anymore, she still feels like she is making a difference.

When she isn’t at work, Jessica enjoys primitive camping. Her most recent adventure was camping on the desert floor in Big Bend for her birthday. Jessica always tries to keep an open mind and move forward. She says that opportunity comes when you least expect it, and you must be open to the change and own it—be ready for it and take it when it comes.

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