Meet Anayondu Diliora (Ayo)
Clinical Lab Scientist
Atlanta, GA

By Published On: January 8, 2024

Meet Ayo Diliora, Clinical Lab Scientist in our Atlanta, GA lab. Joining HealthTrackRx in January 2023 with a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry, Ayo began in pre-AOPs before transitioning to the Lab Technician role, drawn by the technical intricacies and the chance to delve into the lab’s operations.

A typical day for Ayo kicks off with checking updates via email and teams, followed by hands-on involvement in extraction and aiding the PCR process. Working alongside five scientists and two supervisors, Ayo thrives within the team dynamics, cherishing the learning experiences from peers and their diverse expertise.

For Ayo, the allure of science and practical application sparked an interest in HealthTrackRx. It’s the symbiosis of applied knowledge from college studies and the camaraderie within the workplace that stands out as the most rewarding aspects of the job. Ayo aspires to become a doctor, so exposure to this aspect of healthcare at HealthTrackRx amplifies her skills and provides diverse experiences that bolster her professional aspirations.

Behind Ayo’s dedication lies a profound source of inspiration: family. Originally from Nigeria, Ayo’s journey is powered by parental sacrifices, fostering a relentless drive to achieve success and give back to those who made it possible.

Beyond the lab coat, Ayo finds solace in nature through occasional hikes, navigating the night shift lifestyle, and an affinity for culinary experiments, especially in traditional Nigerian and Indian cuisines. Alongside this, Ayo’s flair for interior design and crafting speaks volumes about her creative soul.

As Ayo navigates life’s journey, the mantra remains: forge your own path, embracing individuality and pace. A beacon of inspiration, Ayo’s story encapsulates resilience, familial devotion, and an unyielding pursuit of excellence.

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