Meet Brea LeFlore
Laboratory Scientist,
Analytical Operations
Denton, TX

By Published On: September 1, 2023

Brea LeFlore is a Laboratory Scientist in Analytical Operations at our Denton, TX lab. She has been with HealthTrackRx for two years and worked as a contractor for a year before that.

She started as a lab technician in a contract role and, after about a year, inquired what other options were available for someone with a bachelor’s degree in biology. After learning that Lab Scientists need only a bachelor’s degree and passing some additional testing, she moved into that role and became a full-time employee shortly after.

Brea’s job entails plating, extracting, performing reverse transcription, and amplifying the DNA before the sample moves to the next process stage. In this role, she utilizes high-tech equipment to work independently and as part of a team. She comes in early to prepare the plates for her team, organize them in sample count order, and then start plating. To meet turnaround time and on-time percentage, Brea and the team strive for 12 hours and under for processing – working on their patient samples individually and around each other, verifying each other’s work for checks and balances. They also work together to coordinate machine maintenance, decontamination, and cleaning. It takes the entire team, she says.

Funny enough, before graduating from Texas Women’s University (TWU), Brea thought the first job ad she saw for HealthTrackRx was too good to be true – good pay, in her field, ten minutes from home – so she ignored it. Then she discovered one of her classmates worked at HealthTrackRx and said she loved the company and the people and encouraged her to apply. She did apply and was in disbelief that she nearly missed the opportunity. She was grateful and happy to be working in her field before she had even graduated. Brea loves how inclusive and trustworthy everyone is. She says working with people she loves and helping people get better faster has been fulfilling in ways she never thought possible.

Since being at HealthTrackRx, Brea has gotten a new car and upgraded to a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment – exceeding her goal to be financially stable and comfortable. She is also looking into certification as a medical laboratory scientist – she is still deciding if she wants to, but now she knows it’s an option. She says her leadership and the team she works with have helped her understand her options outside of a master’s degree and are genuinely helping shape her future goals. She says working at HealthTrackRx has also helped her become more friendly and open to meeting new people.

What makes Brea the proudest is what her team accomplishes daily – Getting People Healthier Faster – by meeting turnaround times and on-point percentages, regardless of the changes and challenges they face. She is proud that they continue to operate as a team, build a cohesive work family, and process samples quickly and accurately.

“Any goal is a goal, and sometimes we have to take the hard route and work harder than others.”

Brea hasn’t always been financially secure; she grew up in a low-income family and has seen firsthand the struggles of trying to make ends meet. As a result, she has formed her own goals and is motivated to do better, including saving to help her mother afford her own place. Brea became a first-generation college student, and despite a lack of resources and knowledge, she became the example she wished she had had. She says, “Any goal is a goal, and sometimes we have to take the hard route and work harder than others.”

Brea enjoys shopping, playing words with friends, and spending time with her family and dogs when she isn’t working. Brea has two nephews and a niece, and recently planned her first baby shower for another on the way. Her colleagues may not know this, but Brea was in color guard for three years and enjoyed it – she says she would have been a choreographed dancer in another life.

Thank you, Brea, for your hard work and perseverance.

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