Meet Jamie Swartz
Director of Revenue Cycle

By Published On: June 22, 2023

Jamie has been with HealthTrackRx for two years. She was brought in as a consultant to help catch up on a billing backlog resulting from COVID testing. In a matter of three weeks, she was offered a full-time job as Billing Manager to work on the front end of the billing process.

Jamie oversees three areas in Revenue Cycle Management: business intelligence and data analytics, billing system administration, and overall training coordination, including process and document management. She directly manages a team of five and works with the business insights and analytics team, IT, and many other departments within HealthTrackRx.

In her previous experience, Jamie worked with one of our partners to help develop the billing software we use today. Her knowledge of that system and her background in how it was built has helped her educate the team and elevate their skillset.

“When you are faced with something unfamiliar, and you push through the fear of defeat, you learn from it.”

Jamie was originally drawn to HealthTrackRx when she learned about the work we were doing during the pandemic, including the volume of COVID tests we were processing. She understood billing in the lab space and knew that we needed support getting invoices out and paid. It was a significant challenge, but she believed she could help solve it. Jamie is proud that she helped us get back on track within two months. She enjoys the rapid growth HealthTrackRx is experiencing today, and that the organization isn’t afraid to do things differently.

Being fully remote is ideal for Jamie, both personally and professionally. She appreciates the opportunity to build a talented and effective team across the U.S. without limit to office proximity. Without a commute, she’s able to spend more time with her family, and having her office space at home allows her to easily work towards goals and deadlines.

“One of the things that I value most and where I feel most successful,” she says, “is when the members of my team excel and level up in their skills or career.” Jamie likes to motivate her team, guiding them through hardships and uncertainty. “Seeing them reflect on that challenging moment or project and experiencing the pride that they feel makes me happy. It shows that I am doing my job.”

Jamie is a problem solver and enjoys helping others to rise above challenges. She says that working through obstacles is what has made her who she is today. And it’s why she likes to give her team the same opportunity. Jamie says, “When you are faced with something unfamiliar, and you push through the fear of defeat, you learn from it.”

One thing many people don’t know about Jamie is that her work ethic started early. As a senior in high school, she was working a full-time job in retail. From there, she went on to manage a candy store, where, yes, she could eat all the candy she wanted to! When Jamie isn’t working, she enjoys outdoor photography. She can also be found most weekends during the spring and summer at a local racetrack, cheering on her husband.

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