Meet Reaghan Holts
Laboratory Scientist,
Clarksville, IN

By Published On: November 14, 2023

Meet Reaghan Holts, Laboratory Scientist in our Clarksville, IN lab. Reaghan has been with HealthTrackRx a little over a year.

Reaghan’s job entails processing patient samples following the accessioning process on the Pre-Analytical Operations team. Once a supervisor has built the testing plates on a specific panel, her team receives the plates and continues through the PCR testing process, cleaning and amplifying the DNA to detect specific pathogens and deliver more accurate results faster.

Working on a team of 12-15 scientists, they process between 400 and 800 samples each. It is a process that requires a high degree of communication and collaboration to be effective and on-time. They must be highly reliable and accurate, individually and as a team. Reaghan likes to ensure that her process and results are effective so that the entire team can thrive together – and the results are dependable and precise.

Reaghan enjoys being part of a growing team and organization. She is excited to see where we are headed and says she feels the difference we are making for people and our communities with the results we deliver.

Not only has she seen the company grow, but Reaghan is also proud of her growth since joining the team. She has maintained a rerun rate 2x lower than average and, in under 6 months, has completed multiple competency tests to gauge her proficiency and take on additional responsibilities.

Reaghan is motivated by her empathetic nature and always wants to help people. She says that being at an organization that is focused on the betterment of patients and improving accuracy and turn-around rates to do it faster is motivating to her as a scientist. There is no better feeling, she says, than making a real-time impact on the world today.

Unfortunately, during her undergraduate studies in college, Reaghan’s father passed away. She says that managing her grief and figuring out how to maneuver life as a young adult without her father has been one of her greatest life challenges. Reaghan has also bravely rescued herself and her children from a domestic violence relationship and situation. She is grateful for the support of her HealthTrackRx leadership during that challenging time. One of her mantras has been that “no situation is too big or too messy to open up and ask for help.” She says being vulnerable can be hard, but working somewhere where you can be vulnerable while confronting life’s challenges and maintaining professionalism is a blessing.

When Reaghan isn’t working, she loves to be outdoors – walking, fishing, swimming, anything outside. She is passionate about community engagement, volunteering, and driving positive societal change. Reaghan recently took the LSAT as she has an interest in law. She wants to use that interest and her passion for helping others to advocate for social justice and positively change her community.

Thank you, Reaghan, for your dedication to our vision of Getting People Healthier Faster.

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