PCR Outperforms Culture For Your Patients

HealthTrackRx PCR detects what culture misses, and even what culture cannot detect. What pathogens could you be missing by ordering culture and sensitivity testing instead of PCR testing for your patients?


Traditional Culture

Unlike traditional culture, HealthTrackRx PCR testing obtains a targeted infectious disease diagnosis and provides a personalized antibiogram, enabling fast, accurate and actionable treatment.

HealthTrackRx PCR Traditional Culture
Turnaround Time Results within 24 hours* Results can take an average of 3-14 days
Accuracy ~ 99% Sensitivity and Specificity, for all present pathogens, including co-infections Typically only detects the primary pathogen
Detection Rapid detection of fastidious organisms such as fungi, anaerobes and resistance genes Extended incubation time for fungi and anaerobes. Potential for “mixed flora” and no specificity of pathogens
Antibiotics Less susceptible to antibiotic use IS affected by antibiotic use

*From completed requisition and sample receipt

Culture vs. HealthTrackRx PCR

Make the Right Diagnosis

At The Right Time

Our PCR testing data shows that antibiotic resistance can occur up to 52% of the time. To assist in curtailing the cost of repeatedly treating resistant infections, HealthTrackRx provides a personalized antibiotic summary that prescribers rely on.

Our antibiogram removes guesswork by detecting antibiotic resistance genes, helping patients receive an antibiotic that works the first time.

Learn more about antibiotic resistance and HealthTrackRx’s commitment to AMR solutions.

Collect with


HealthTrackRx’s SimpliSWABTM is a proprietary, industry-leading collection device used to collect any and all pathogens. SimpliSWAB:

  • Utilizes a proprietary medium that is hyper-stable
  • Is not affected by temperature and doesn’t require refrigeration
  • The ability to use just one vial, no matter the pathogen or target
Culture vs. HealthTrackRx PCR

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Client Feedback

HealthTrackRx is our preferred lab because they offer the most comprehensive lab results with sensitivity and resistance data. Their lab representative is also very responsive, providing excellent support and training on a consistent basis.

Angelia Sakyi-Agyekum

Coastal Med Urgent Care – Fort Myers FL

We cannot say enough good about our experience with HealthTrackRx. The Reps we’ve worked with have gone above and beyond to help us with questions, supplies, training, and problem solving. We are very happy with the extensive array of tests at affordable prices. We will continue to recommend HealthTrackRx without reservation.

Diann Nelson, FNP-C, Clinic Owner

Affordable Care Health Clinic, Gahanna, OH

HealthTrackRx’s advanced lab technology with PCR testing allows us to provide better care for our patient population unlike any laboratory in the area. HealthTrackRx resources and accessibility of regional leaders empowers our staff to feel confident in the testing we are providing our patients.

Ashley Simpson, MSN, FNP-C, Clinical Provider Lead

West Chester CareFirst CareFirst Urgent Care, Cincinnati, OH

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