Meet Louis Benitez
Lab Assistant Lead,
Pre-Analytical Operations,
Atlanta, GA

By Published On: September 22, 2023

Louis Benitez is a Lab Assistant Lead in Pre-Analytical Operations at our Atlanta, GA lab. Louis served as a contractor at HealthTrackRx for about a year and a half in our Denton, TX lab, starting at the pandemic’s peak. When an opportunity came to take a full-time role as lead of the weekend shift in the Atlanta lab, Louis decided to make a move.

As a Lab Assistant Lead, Louis’s job is to ensure samples get to the laboratory scientists quickly to meet turnaround times. On the overnight shift, he typically comes in about 8 pm, and samples are due to be ready by 1 – 1:30 am. In addition to preparing samples for the scientists, he keeps up with deliveries coming in late, adjusting to be sure his team is optimizing resources and delivering on time.

Louis chose to take a full-time role at HealthTrackRx because he loves the staff. Having performed contract work with other companies, he only felt at home at HealthTrackRx – like everyone was a family, including contractors. He is a self-proclaimed “Lab Rat”; he says he did a lot of labs in college and has always loved “performing the science.” Louis ultimately wants to go into direct patient care as a Pediatric Neurologist. He hasn’t yet committed to an MD program but says HealthTrackRx has kept him relevant with his lab work and shown him that the behind-the-scenes side of healthcare is as important as direct patient treatment.

Louis is proud to have earned a full-time position at HealthTrackRx. He feels his effort and drive were recognized and paid off with a new position in a different state. Being a young professional, relocating to a new state, supporting himself, and progressing in his career and life has given him great confidence.

As a first-generation American, he is the first in his family to graduate high school and college. Louis is motivated by his immigrant background and driven to succeed. He grew up in a large, multi-family Latino household and wanted to show his siblings and younger family members that their dreams are possible. He feels privileged to be where he is today, and acknowledges that many people his age and background do not get the opportunities he has. He concedes that getting here has taken a lot of hard work and perseverance. He worked full-time through high school and college, supporting himself as much as possible. He says he knew he had to graduate high school Valedictorian because he would have to pay his own way or get support from the state. He also said it took him quite a while to work through college on his own, but now he can help support his brother as he applies for college – helping him understand the process and paperwork their parents cannot even read.

When he isn’t working, Louis likes to hike and run with his dog, Persephone, a husky. He has a crazy passion for vintage music and vinyl and enjoys watching anime when he has time. He says he used to do a lot of kayaking and spend more time outdoors when he was younger, and would like to return to that. Louis is also a huge concertgoer. He attended Coachella this year and has been to over 50 concert events in his lifetime – and 10 alone last year. He loves the fact that his new home in Atlanta offers a plethora of live music.

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