Meet Madison Keller
Clinical Supervisor

By Published On: April 7, 2023

Madison has been working with the Clinical Technician team at HealthTrackRx for a little over two years. She came to HealthTrackRx as a recent college graduate who always knew she wanted to work in healthcare. After her first year, she was identified as a candidate for a management role.

Madison is responsible for screening, hiring, and training new Clinical Technicians. Clinical Technicians are placed in provider offices to help facilitate the processing of HealthTrackRx lab specimens. She also supervises our Client Support Specialists who prepare reports for over 20 clients, help resolve missing billing information, and assist the sales reps in supporting our customers. Madison spends most of her time connecting with the team to ensure they feel supported, fielding questions, and removing obstacles.

Madison’s team contributes to our rapid turnaround time and ensures specimens come in clean, reports are quick, and billing goes smoothly. She takes pride in being part of the operations team that ensures we’re Getting People Healthier Faster. She loves our company vision and believes in what we are doing as an organization. Madison most enjoys the culture at HealthTrackRx, from leadership to everyone we work with around us.

Although remote, Madison says her whole team is really engaged, and that she works every day towards removing the barriers of a geographically-diverse group. She wants her colleagues to feel like they are part of the organization and fully supported.

“You can’t change yesterday, but you can change what happens tomorrow…”

The fact that we started as a small toxicology lab and are now a nationwide and growing infectious disease lab is exciting for her. “Every day is a chance to do better,” Madison says. “You can’t change yesterday, but you can change what happens tomorrow because today is whatever you make it.”

Madison is always on the lookout for outside material to help her improve. She is currently reading “Engagement Magic” by Tracy Maylett and regularly listens to TED talks about being a better manager and communicating effectively. She believes that what you say and how you say it really matters.

When she is not working, Madison loves to play music. She plays three instruments: piano, ukulele, and guitar. She also collects vinyl records and loves to listen to music. Outside of music, Madison enjoys collecting crystals, going to the mountains, or visiting the beach in Destin. Madison is very creative and also enjoys painting, crafts, and art.

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