Compliance with COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing Mandates.

Whether it’s OSHA mandates or internal policies, HealthTrackRx is your end-to-end lab partner for compliance.

Organizations don’t need to scramble to manage employee vaccine and testing protocols. Vaccine Verification. Testing. Tracking and Reporting—all with HealthTrackRx.

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Easy, Customizable Solutions for Employer Vaccine Verification, COVID-19 Testing, and Reporting.

Organizations have unique challenges in the face of COVID-19 vaccine and testing mandates. Developing and implementing a solution to remain compliant brings up a variety of pressing questions:

  • How do we get a program up and running quickly?

  • How do we educate employees?
  • How do we determine who needs to be vaccinated or tested?
  • How do we securely document findings?

  • How and where do we conduct testing?

  • How do we report to OSHA to remain compliant?

  • How much is this going to cost our organization?

Build Your Testing Program.

HealthTrackRx is the end-to-end, customizable compliance solution. We have everything business leaders need to keep your employees safe and remain compliant with OSHA vaccine and testing mandates or internal policies.

Covid-19 Testing & Collection

  • Conduct fast, accurate testing with collection customized for your needs and results within 24 hours of receipt:

  • Our staff can come to you to collect tests

  • Local collection sites are available in most markets.

  • Employees can directly send in tests for analysis

Data & Reporting

  • Capture data with technology that integrates with most of today’s HR systems.
  • Deliver employee data to remain compliant with OSHA requirements.
  • Fuel smart decisions with insights for executive teams.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed healthcare systems and companies around the nation to the brink. We’re pushing back with solutions that make it easier to test and document results.

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