Antimicrobial Resistance

HealthTrackRx infection testing is the right solution for health plans that want to benefit from advanced diagnostic testing to minimize Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and reduce the cost associated with undetected infection.

Mitigate Rising Costs and Manage Patient Outcomes

AMR is recognized by the CDC and WHO as one of the greatest threats to public health worldwide1, and having fast, actionable data to accurately diagnose patients is paramount. HealthTrackRx provides proprietary solutions to AMR, including our patient-specific resistance profile, which removes the guesswork by detecting antibiotic resistance genes. Personalized result reports help physicians prescribe patients an antibiotic that works – the first time. Our partnership with providers produces increasingly positive patient outcomes while mitigating rising healthcare costs.

Antimicrobial Resistance:

A Global Crisis

Antimicrobial resistance occurs when bacteria develop mutations that make them resistant to the antibiotics used to treat infections.1

Antimicrobial Resistance and HealthTrackRx

Antimicrobial resistance ​(AMR) is ​a global public health crisis, making empiric treatment ​options for patients difficult. Inappropriate and overuse of antibiotics is the primary driver of AMR, caused in part by clinicians relying ​on broad-spectrum antibiotic use, ​which increases​ resistance to ​last resort broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Resistant infections lead to higher death rates and are more expensive to treat.1

Antimicrobial Resistance and HealthTrackRx
Antimicrobial Resistance and HealthTrackRx

If our healthcare system fails to decrease AMR, by 2050, deaths from antimicrobial resistant infections are estimated to total 10 million, more than cancer, diabetes and road traffic accidents.2

PCR vs. Culture:

Patient Case Studies

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Solutions for AMR

HealthTrackRx provides solutions that help decrease AMR through diagnostics that enable effective antibiotic stewardship practices.

Antimicrobial Resistance and HealthTrackRx

HealthTrackRx SOLUTION

Rapid Diagnostics

Rapid diagnostics reduce unnecessary prescriptions.4

Antimicrobial Resistance and HealthTrackRx

HealthTrackRx PCR returns results the next morning, as compared to 3-14 days with culture, enabling rapid, more comprehensive diagnoses.

Operating nationwide, HeathTrackRx’s state-of-the-art ordering platform and logistics solutions guarantees practitioners next-morning clinically actionable results.

Antimicrobial Resistance and HealthTrackRx

HealthTrackRx SOLUTION

Personalized Antibiogram

Antimicrobial Resistance and HealthTrackRx

How it Works

Our patient-specific resistance profile offers physicians a wide selection of microbe-specific antibiotics, maximizing the opportunity to choose a non-broad-spectrum antibiotic. Our results detail targeted monotherapy for simple infections and allow for combination antibiotic treatment for complex infections to avoid broad spectrum antibiotic use and specialty antibiotics when possible.

With personalized AMR results, clinicians can prescribe with confidence, significantly reducing the costs of treatment and improving patient health.

Antimicrobial Resistance and HealthTrackRx

HealthTrackRx SOLUTION

Advancing Antimicrobial Stewardship

Antimicrobial Resistance and HealthTrackRx

Utilizing HealthTrackRx PCR testing helps health plans manage spend and support population health management.

Clinically actionable prescribing information directly reduces the incidence of sepsis and other complications landing patients in the ER and limits reliance on specialty compound therapeutics.

Take Action Now to Mitigate Risk and Reduce Unnecessary Expenditures
Antimicrobial resistance is recognized as one of the greatest threats to human health worldwide according to the IDSA.4

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