Comprehensive Provider Survey Confirms HealthTrackRx Next-Morning Results Impacted Antibiotic Prescribing 80% of the Time

DENTON, TX – May 14, 2024—HealthTrackRx, the nation’s premier molecular diagnostic testing laboratory, releases the findings of a recent survey to understand better how next-morning PCR results reduce unnecessary prescribing for infection therapy in the outpatient setting.

80% of providers notice fewer and/or improved accuracy of antibiotic prescribing since using HealthTrackRx

The survey, representing more than 700 Urgent Care, Primary Care, and Pediatric clinics across the United States (including 400 prescribing physician responses), found an overwhelming 80% of users reported prescribing fewer antibiotics and/or improving the accuracy of antibiotic treatment using rapid PCR diagnostics from HealthTrackRx. HealthTrackRx infection testing services were acknowledged as crucial components of antibiotic stewardship practices to improve patient outcomes and combat antimicrobial resistance, emphasizing the importance of fast results and patient-specific resistance profiles to guide treatment decisions and curb unnecessary antibiotic utilization.

Furthermore, many clinicians reported providing limited treatment and awaiting the next morning molecular test results before prescribing (30%) or not prescribing antibiotics until reviewing the HealthTrackRx test results (18%).  Another 48% reported treating and prescribing based on point-of-care results and then adjusting treatment based on HealthTrackRx results the following day if necessary.  This informed approach to treatment, guided by HealthTrackRx, empowers providers in their decision-making and optimizes patient care by limiting unnecessary antibiotics and ensuring patients who need them receive the right prescription the first time.

Dr. Steven Goldberg, Chief Medical Officer of HealthTrackRx, highlighted the significance of these findings, suggesting a potential paradigm shift in outpatient clinical practices, where approximately 80-90% of human antibiotic usage occurs: “Traditional diagnostic approaches in outpatient settings are often slow, leading clinicians to rely on empiric antimicrobial prescriptions based on educated guesses rather than precise information. This reliance on empiric treatment contributes to the overuse of limited, effective antimicrobials, exacerbating the ongoing issue of antimicrobial resistance.” Dr. Goldberg advocates for “Diagnostic-directed therapy as a crucial strategy to address this growing problem that is widely recognized as the next significant public health challenge.”

Dr. Barbara Alexander, Past President of the Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) and Chairperson of the company’s Clinical Advisory Board, remarked: “HealthTrackRx has streamlined specimen collection, developed medically relevant syndromic panels, expedited shipping and testing logistics, and simplified interpretation of results so that they are now clinically actionable for clinicians in real-time.”  Dr. Alexander continued, “While past studies have concluded that clinicians appear reluctant to modify initial empiric antibiotic prescriptions despite the subsequent availability of antimicrobial susceptibility results, the study from HealthTrackRx shows that this practice may be finally changing. Clinically actionable molecular diagnostics in the outpatient setting can guide directed therapy, supporting antibiotic stewardship practices, leading to better patient outcomes, and reducing overall healthcare spending.”

“We’ve invested heavily in the theory that better and faster diagnostics in the outpatient setting could improve antibiotic stewardship. The results of this clinician survey confirm that our efforts positively impact physician prescribing practices, with the end game being better outcomes for patients. It’s a wonderful testament to the vision of our organization and the opportunity to positively impact healthcare delivery,” said Martin Price, Executive Chairman and CEO of HealthTrackRx.

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Lindsay Phillips
Marketing Manager

Published On: May 14, 2024Categories: Press Releases

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