Get a Complete Picture of your Patient’s Condition: HealthTrackRx PCR Testing

Happy and healthy patients are the healthcare professional’s ultimate measure of success. You strive to know and serve your patients with excellence, an objective that most likely involves you and your team asking, “How do I utilize more accurate technology to better assess my patient’s condition?” HealthTrackRx PCR testing, instead of culture, offers reliable results to help create a clearer picture of a patient’s condition more quickly than culture testing.

Obtaining a comprehensive picture of your patient’s health status begins with effectively detecting infections and responding quickly. HealthTrackRx PCR testing equips providers with ~99% sensitivity and specificity, taking the guesswork out of the process and helps to initiate a plan without unnecessary delay. When you diagnose your patients using HealthTrackRx PCR testing, your team will appreciate the time saved, and your patients will enjoy a faster course of treatment for their infection.

HealthTrackRx has improved overall PCR testing sensitivity by using Thermo Fisher technology, that provides a comprehensive picture of a patient’s condition and supports providers in making accurate treatment decisions. Our PCR testing gives providers a comprehensive report detailing a full pathogen profile along with an antibiogram outlining potentially effective antibiotic treatment options.

At HealthTrackRx, we developed a PCR testing method that helps set a high standard of accuracy for infectious disease testing and yields undeniably accurate results you and your patients can trust.

We provide results that culture can’t, helping you make the most informed decisions.

Published On: June 25, 2021