Infectious Disease PCR Solutions

Annual United States patient visits to physician offices with infectious and parasitic diseases as the primary diagnosis currently exceeds 15 million. With infectious and parasitic diseases increase, is a corresponding rise in antimicrobial resistant infections, costing the healthcare system between $21–34 billion. Now, more than ever, PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) is the gold standard of detection that physicians, hospital systems, and payers need to make fast, accurate diagnosis decisions.

What is


Real-time PCR is one of the foremost methods of detecting a bacteria, virus, or fungus on the molecular level, with higher degrees of accuracy and considerably faster results, compared to the days or weeks it typically takes to receive results with culture testing. These result delays can mean the difference between life and death.

Finding solutions to help patients live healthy and productive lives is a top priority for our team of professionals at HealthTrackRx. From our Clinical team to our Customer Care team, we collaborate and problem-solve on behalf of patients, with the need for fast, accurate, clinically actionable results in mind.


The Nation’s Premier PCR Laboratory

The reputation of HealthTrackRx’s PCR laboratory is rooted in our ability to provide the most accurate and reliable results quickly, using relevant and innovative PCR technology. Over 10,000 clinicians rely on our PCR tests to make decisions when developing treatment plans, and providing prescribed care. HealthTrackRx has developed PCR testing that does what traditional culture cannot: provide complete, clinically actionable next-morning results.

Our PCR laboratory is committed to providing the following:

  • A turnaround time that produces next-morning results

  • 99% accuracy for sensitivity and specificity for all present pathogens

  • Rapid detection of fastidious organisms such as fungi, anaerobes, and resistance genes, which are an essential component of our testing cycle


Personalized Patient Antibiogram

HealthTrackRx’s PCR testing provides targeted pathogen detection and prevalence, described in detail on each patient report, utilizing a personalized antibiogram.

Our patient-specific antibiogram removes guesswork by detecting antibiotic resistant genes, to help patients receive the optimal antibiotic that works for them. This detailed antibiogram also provides effective information for optimal treatment outcomes, saving healthcare costs, and mitigating risks.

Support your practice’s antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP) by reducing over-utilization of broad-spectrum antibiotics, to mitigate unnecessary antibiotic exposure and costs of repeat testing. These industry-leading PCR solutions are critical in the fight against infectious diseases with the goal of helping more people be well and live well.

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