SimpliSWABTM : An Industry Leading Collection Solution

At HealthTrackRx, we know the important role that proper collection of specimens plays in providing complete, accurate results for your sample. Our proprietary solution, SimpliSWABTM, simplifies the process of sample collection, providing one tube that can accommodate all sample types.

SimpliSWABTM easily replaces the multiple sample collection processes for wound infections, respiratory infections, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), hair and nail infections, otolaryngology infections, urinary infections, gastrointestinal infections, and ophthalmology infections, using only one collection tube to test any pathogen.

SimpliSWABTM utilizes a proprietary medium that is hyper-stable. This transport medium eliminates the need for refrigeration or cold packs, providing for safer, easier delivery of the sample for processing in our laboratory. SimpliSWABTM allows flexibility when collecting infection material from a site.

SimpliSWABTM allows clinicians to focus on practice efficiency by shortening your collection procedures and ensuring you have a quality sample that will help us provide you with next-morning results. You’ll be able to treat your patients with the right medication quickly and practice improved antibiotic stewardship.

Simply put, SimpliSWABTM is a game changer when treating infectious diseases. When accurate diagnosis matters, HealthTrackRx PCR testing is your solution, combining speed of pathogen identification with clinical actionability.

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