Patient Case Study 2

PCR for Urinary Tract Infections
Before PCR Testing

Shirley, an 82-year-old female with a previous history of pelvic wall/floor collapse/prolapse and frequent and chronic recurrent UTI’s, required bladder mesh surgery.

Shirley developed a UTI, and antibiotics were administered. Culture and sensitivity testing was ordered, and Shirley was hospitalized after 3-4 days with fever and worsening symptoms.

Another urinalysis was performed, which confirmed a UTI, and creatinine was high upon Shirley’s admission to hospital. Another culture and sensitivity test was ordered. Results of both culture and sensitivity tests were inconclusive.

Shirley was treated with systemic antibiotics and released after creatinine came back down to normal in 5 days.

PCR for Urinary Tract Infections
After PCR Testing

Shirley became symptomatic with a recurrent UTI. Within two weeks, she became symptomatic, and her urinalysis was read as positive, she was started on an antibiotic, cephalexin.

Shirley’s symptoms did not improve, she was hospitalized as a result, and PCR testing was performed. It was then determined that the recurrent UTI was a result of an E. coli. Infection. Antimicrobial resistance to cephalexin was reported on the HealthTrackRx PCR Personalized Antibiogram which led to Shirley being administered twice daily nitrofurantoin. Shirley’s symptoms quickly resolved.

Her extended care could easily have been prevented.