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HealthTrackRx is your end-to-end lab partner for workforce wellness.

Absenteeism costs businesses billions annually. It’s time to take proactive steps to protect employees and keep your workforce working. Vaccine Verification. Testing. Tracking and Reporting—all with Texas-based HealthTrackRx.

Easy, Customizable Employer Solutions for COVID-19 Testing, Reporting and Vaccine Verification.

With HealthTrackRx you have options for testing, tracking, and reporting to make informed decisions about your workforce. 

  • Option #1: At-Home PCR Tests

  • Stock up and distribute at-home tests to employees.

  • Employees use tests as needed when reporting illness.

  • We report results to you in 24 hours.

  • Option #2: Complete End-to-End Solution

  • PCR testing based on your requirements–on-site or at-home.

  • Tracking solutions for vaccine status and testing results.

  • Reporting to keep executives up-to-date on your workforce.

How It Works

Whether it’s supplying at-home tests or supporting you with complete end-to-end solutions for tracking, testing and reporting, HealthTrackRx has solutions for your needs.

COVID-19 Testing & Collection

  • Conduct fast, accurate testing with collection customized for your needs and results within 24 hours of receipt:

  • Our staff can come to you to collect tests.

  • Local collection sites are available in most markets.

  • Employees can directly send in tests for analysis via UPS.

Data & Reporting

  • Capture data with technology that integrates with most of today’s HR systems.
  • Fuel smart decisions with insights for executive teams.

Get to Know

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The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed healthcare systems and companies around the nation to the brink. We’re pushing back with solutions that make it easier to test and document results.

It’s Time to Take the Next Step.

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