Genito/STI Updates

Genito/STI Update Details

The bacterial and viral pathogens that cause genital ulcers and lesions have been removed from the global Genito-STI menu. The only viable sample collection method for all these targets is an ulcer or lesion swab. In most scenarios where these tests are being ordered, a lesion is not present or swabbed. The commercial and government payors have a strict approach around medical necessity, and with this in mind, these targets will be available on our genital ulcer/lesion menu. If a patient is presenting broad symptomology, a vaginitis and lesion swab can both be ordered and submitted for testing. This is done to have tighter constraints and ensure all tests submitted are reasonable and necessary (R&N).

Government Payor Quote

In cases where there is overlapping symptomatology requiring a broader panel to be created—such that it would be R&N to perform the panel wherein broad symptomology is present—this is acceptable. However, it may also be acceptable that two separate panels for narrower but different symptomologies and intended uses are created and used together when the patient presents with two clinical indications. For example, in a patient with vaginal discharge and a genital lesion, it may be clinically warranted to have only a panel for “discharge” indicative of vaginitis or cervicitis and a test for a genital lesion when the patient has both clinical symptoms.

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