Practice Logistics Solutions

Did you know that HealthTrackRx offers game-changing practice logistics solutions? Our commitment to rapid results for clinicians nationwide requires expertise in helping you collect, transport, and receive next-morning results for your sample. Our logistical operations and local sales team can transform your practice workflow. How do we accomplish that? With over 8,000,000 samples processed, we’ve pioneered and perfected PCR testing and logistical solutions using technology to deliver next-morning results consistently.

3 easy steps to make your practice workflow more effective:

The reputation of HealthTrackRx’s PCR laboratory is centered in our ability to provide the most accurate and reliable results quickly, using relevant and innovative PCR technology. Over 10,000 clinicians rely on our PCR tests to inform their decisions when developing treatment plans and providing prescribed care. HealthTrackRx has PCR testing that provides what traditional culture cannot: provide complete, clinically actionable next-morning results.

Our PCR laboratory is committed to providing the following:

  • #1: Allow our local representatives to coordinate your logistics

    How many times have you personally coordinated all the logistics of your patient samples, along with all the other daily work of your practice? Our local representatives will partner with you to personally organize your sample collection process utilizing SimpliSWABTM, that gives your practice a customized specimen collection process.

    Your representative will coordinate your sample pickup schedules using local couriers, FedEx, or UPS, to make shipping samples convenient for your team.

  • #2: Access results online

    Next, easily create your online account utilizing our Client Web Portal. Access results online via the portal, where we deliver customized reports to you, complete with personalized antibiograms that outline the most effective antibiotics for your patient based on their infection. If you have questions about the results received, you can call our clinical team and speak directly with one of our medical doctors, Pharm.Ds, or Ph.Ds. We’re available to answer any questions and to support your patient treatment planning.

    We offer patient access to our Patient Web Portal that saves you time by allowing patients to access their own available results remotely.

  • #3: Maximize turnaround times

    HealthTrackRx provides turnaround times that are some of the fastest in our industry. Now you can receive results in hours instead of the days it typically takes to receive results with culture and sensitivity testing. HealthTrackRx processes samples and consistently delivers reports the next morning, allowing your staff more time to focus on what matters most: your patients.

    We’re dedicated to you. You now have a reliable diagnostic laboratory to help improve your practice logistics. Our team is ready to deliver our game changing solutions for your practice.

Start sending samples today and receive next-morning results. Contact HealthTrackRx’s Customer Care team or by calling Customer Care at 866-287-3218.

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