EMR Changes

Below Outlines All Changes Being Made with the October 24th Menu Update as it Relates to EMR Ordering

Full testing menus should continue to be ordered as normal using their existing test code. However, the pathogens tested and reported for those menus will reflect the updated test menu.

Test Description Changed:

  • Description change only, test code remains the same.

Test Codes REMOVED, No Longer Available for Ordering:

  • Orders sent with these individual test codes included will not transfer successfully.
  • If any of the following tests are built into a custom order set within your EMR, that order set will need to be updated to reflect available test options.

Test Codes ADDED:

  • These tests will only be available once the EMR has been updated to reflect current testing options.
  • It is recommended that clients who wish to order these specific test options order in the Client Web Portal until the EMR has been updated to reflect currently available tests.

Have Questions?

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative or Customer Service at 866-287-3218.