CWP Changes

Impact of Menu Changes to Personal Menus Setup in CWP

Due to the removal of certain pathogens from certain order categories, clients submitting orders in our CWP (Client Web Portal) may notice a prompt to reevaluate the content of some personalized menu selections.

Many users’ personalized menu selections will not be impacted by changes to the menu. If you do not receive the prompt, you may assume that your personalized menu selection is still valid in the new build of the menu, and you may continue ordering without any additional evaluation.

If you are not leveraging personalized menus and want to learn more, continue reading below.

Provider’s Personalized Menu Selection in CWP


An ordering provider can add a personalized menu selection by selecting a syndromic menu filter from the left panel of the page, then selecting panels meant to be saved as part of the personalized menu selection, then clicking the (+) button to the right of the Personalized Menu Selection field.


After clicking the (+) button, the provider can name the Selection for future use, then click Create.


After saving the Personalized Menu Selection, the selection can be recalled by searching in the Personalized Menu Selection drop-down menu.

Have Questions?

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